Gustav Klimt / Γκούσταφ Κλιμτ Ζωγράφοι / Painters hard  

Gustav Klimt 1862 – 1918

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. Klimt is noted for his paintings, murals, sketches, and other objects d’art. Klimt’s primary subject was the female body, and his works are marked by a frank eroticism. Wikipedia

PeriodsArt NouveauSymbolismVienna SecessionModern artNeoclassicismRealismSurrealismRomanticism

Did Gustav Klimt have a wife?

And he was a notorious womanizer. Although he never marriedKlimt had a great many lovers and is said to have fathered 14 children.

How much are Gustav Klimt paintings worth?


Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer IGustav Klimt$135M

How many Klimt paintings exist?

161 artworks

Why did Gustav Klimt use gold?

The “golden Klimt” wanted to achieve as planar an effect as possible with the precious metal he used in his murals. … Seeing as the paintings were lost in a fire in 1945, we can only refer to photographs to give us a sense of the increasing importance gold had in Klimt’s oeuvre at the time.

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