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Rene Magritte – The song of love 1948

Rene Magritte – The song of love 1948

Rene Magritte – The song of love 1948

From December 1920 until September 1921, Magritte served in the Belgian infantry in the Flemish town of Beverlo near Leopoldsburg. In 1922, Magritte married Georgette Berger, whom he had met as a child in 1913. Also during 1922, the poet Marcel Lecomte showed Magritte a reproduction of Giorgio de Chirico’s The Song of Love 1914. The work brought Magritte to tears; he described this as “one of the most moving moments of my life: my eyes saw thought for the first time.” The paintings of the Belgian symbolist painter William Degouve de Nuncques have also been noted as an influence on Magritte, specifically the former’s painting The Blind House (1892) and Magritte’s variations or series on The Empire of Lights.

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